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Body Language Studio has taken on a new mission.
Vidya Yoga Retreats offers yoga retreats for fellow health professionals,
Yoga teachers, patients and students.

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Are you seeking life balance?

Invigorate Your Body, Awaken Your Mind & Empower Your Spirit-With Yoga!

Yoga teaches you to regard your body  as your vehicle for your life’s journey. Your body thrives with regular exercise, time in nature, pure food and water, quality sleep and a healthy sex life. Physical work alone does not yield vitality. Optimal physical performance is multi-factorial; requiring strength, endurance, power, flexibility, agility and balance amidst constantly changing conditions.   But your health is not just physical……..

Yoga teaches you to deepen your mind-body connection ….utilizing mindful movement wherein your body is your instrument. Practices challenge you to be fully present-mentally and physically. Once YOU have attracted your own attention, you tune inward to become an astute observer of how your thoughts effect your breath, emotions, power , balance , freedom of movement and confidence – your Body Language!

Yoga practice reawakens a deep knowing that your essential nature is Spirit.  Relate to your inner wisdom,  life force, source of your creative inspiration and the key to your innate power to heal. Whatever beliefs you hold around spirituality are welcome here and will likely be enriched though your practice.

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Special Events

May Day – A Notice of Studio Closing - Dear friends.  The Van Demark family established  Body Language Studio in October 2010. Change is a constant. We will be closing the studio on May 15, 2017.  It has been a dynamic seven years!  We have graced Chino Valley with the gifts of training in Yoga, dance and martial arts and provided many great alternatives […]
Co-Creating Right Actions - Yoga off the mat fosters Unity in Community.  Gandhi sagely counseled us  to be  a part of the change we wish to see in the world.  What can you do? (more…)

Has your doctor recommended Yoga?

Yoga Physical Therapy Services in Chino ValleyYour well-being is your most important investment! In a state of optimal balance, you find the energy you need to focus on creative solutions to your challenges. Yoga classes at Body Language Studio follow a  90 minute therapeutic yoga model and are taught by physical therapist and yoga therapist Cheryl Van Demark. Private therapeutic consultations are also available.

Many health benefits of Yoga are reported in the medical literature.  As a life science, Yoga promotes self-care. Visit our self -care resource page.
This is what Body Language Studio is  here for: promoting well-being, starting with YOU!


Latest News from the Body Language Studio

Birthday Yoga!

Birthday Yoga!Enjoy a yoga class on me any time during your birthday [read more]

Receive an Introduction to Yoga

Receive an Introduction to YogaA complementary downloadable Into to Yoga HERE! Files available for beginning yoga students (and those wanting a [read more]

Find the life balance you seek- uncover your buried treasures!

Yoga practices utilize a wide variety of tools to systematically challenge the body and expand the breath in order to train the mind Yoga practices uncover your  treasures. (Click here)

At your physical level,  Yoga makes your body stronger and more flexible, gives you better balance and bone density.

At your energetic level, Yoga increases breath capacity, digestive function and blood flow to stimulate all of your body systems so you liberate your energy.

At the level of your mind and emotions, Yoga is absolutely your best choice for relieving stress! Yoga improves your concentration and focus, relieves your muscle tension, liberates you from anxiety, elevates your mood and promotes your compassion for self and others.

At the level of your spirit, it is important to clarify Yoga is not a religion.  It is a contemplative spiritual practice and a life science. In the quieted mind state achieved through Yoga practice, you may come to deeply know yourself and experience your connection with all other hearts and minds. You remember your capacity for a higher state of Consciousness…….you Discover Your Potential!

So….what are you waiting for?
is your time for Yoga.

Body Language Studio is offered to our community by  the Van Demark family.

May you be happy, healthy, peaceful and free.